A Bard's Tale

Second Session
Our first dungeon

We woke up in the middle of the night to find that our encampment had been discovered quickly making short work of the goblins and wolves we decided this place was not safe and we would do something about it.  Again we followed the goblin trail into the woods and this time we did not break the treeline when we arrived at our destination. 

I snuck up on two of the goblins who were guarding the entrance to their cave system, or for the more adventurous our dungeon. I slew one goblin while the other scampered away trying to alert the rest.  Instead Bronn stepped out of the forest and made short work of him.  Bashing its head into the cave entrance repeatedly and leaving it slumped by the entrance. 

We very carefully enter the cave system and find a side cave off to our right and the main passage leading further in.  About the enter the side cave we found three wolves and a pile of trash.  The wolves, after a brief conversation with our druid, would turn out to be quite amenable to leaving us alone if they were let free.  Indeed we let them go never to be heard from again. 

After carefully examining the room we decided to continue onward having found nothing of use.  We let Bronn lead the way as he is a big meat shield.  He noticed nothing as he walked along the path

First session!
The start of a good thing?

Okay so our newly crafted adventures find themselves in a bar and looking for whatever.   The group; our hero, a Half-elven bard named Alex Vebron, a Dwarven paladin named Halie, a gnome warlock named Al, and human Cleric named ___, a human druid ___, a Half-orc berserker named  Bronn, and a thief named ___.   The scene a bar…

I walked around the room taking a quick temperature of the room it luke warm and disinterested.  I and gave them everything they deserved a poor performance for a poor crowd.  All that saved me from an early retirement was the entrance of our soon to be future employer.  He had all the gold a man could want and didn't care if he spent it, my kind of man.  10 gold each to the heroes that brought the supplies through ___ .  He and his escort would be leaving tonight and we were to follow in the morning, with the wagons.  We all agreed and promptly called it a night. 

The next day found us all ready to go at the appointed time and place.  I took the front wagon and ___ took the back.  A few days into the journey we found the trail blocked with two dead horses.  Bronn,  Halie, and the cleric went forward to examine the scene while the rest of us stood back and did nothing.  Of course we wouldn't prepare for an ambush, it was just to likely to occur so why not let it happen.

Indeed the opening volley caught most of us by surprise and managed to almost kill our friend Bronn outright.  8 goblins, that's how many there were. We were barely able to slay them but slay them we did. Following their trail back into the woods we found traps and what would have been another ambush except for the fact that we ran away before they could spring it.  Living the fight another day is at the heart of adventuring.


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